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Our company believes that building a quality dock begins with the foundation. All pilings are driven to a depth of eight feet and deck boards spaced ½” to prevent uplift during storm surge. GMC also recommends spacing deck boards ½” to promote sea grass growth. We build our docks with only the highest quality marine pilings and treated lumber to ensure you will enjoy your dock for years to come. All hardware used in our dock construction is either hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel. We also offer composite and grated decking materials.

Boat Houses and Canopies

Our boathouse structures are built to last. We prefer to “overbuild” our boathouses, as they are very susceptible to wind damage out on the water. A hip roof is the best design for high wind areas. GMC utilizes oversized lumber and heavy duty hurricane straps to build our boathouse structures. Dimensional shingles versus conventional three tab helps prevent shingle loss during tropical events.


It is very important to protect your waterfront property. The best way to prevent your lot from washing away in a storm is by constructing a seawall. Wood, vinyl, and rock are the most common materials used in seawall construction. GMC recommends using vinyl for soil retention and rock for reinforcing your shoreline. Seawalls are not a place to “cut corners.” Each job is very different and if you want it to last, it must be built right initially!


GMC offers high quality boat lifts for all different types of applications, boathouse, piling mount and seawall mount lifts are available. Aluminum and stainless are the materials of choice for our boat lifts. We offer boat and jet ski lifts from 1,000-40,000.


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Gulf Marine Construction is committed to rebuilding the emerald coast with the highest quality materials and workmanship. We also realize it is important to protect and preserve our marine ecosystem during construction projects. Our current list of products and services include piers, decks, dune crossovers, lifts, seawalls, fill, and wetlands/water cleanup. GMC knows why you live on the water, and we want to help you enjoy it! From the permitting process through cleanup, our customers always come first.


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